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Are your extensions free to use ?
Yes, our extensions are free to use but the free version has some limits which can be unlocked by validating the extension.
How can I validate the extension ?
By purchasing a subscription for your extension from the list below.
What should I do after making my purchase ?
You should login to our website and use your order number on the "Validate domain" page under the "My Account" area, you will get a validation key to use in your extension's admin area.
Can I unlock the extension limits without purchasing ?
Yes, activate the Trial mode in your extension's admin area under the "Validate" page.
I lost my validation key, how can I find it ?
You can find all your generated keys under the "My Validations" page in the "My Account" section after you login to our website.
Does my key expire or do I have to renew/extend it ?
No, your validation key does not expire and does not need a renewal, its paid only once.
Can I remove or change my key ?
Yes, but only if the key has not been used to validate the product already, or if there was a key/domain problem.

Our Joomla extensions are distributed under the GPL license!*

Products list

All features
Unlimited form elements
Unlimited forms
Joomla & WordPress
No credits link
No admin validation warning
One time payment
Full payment actions: PayPal, 2Checkout, (v5 only)

ChronoForms 1 key

ChronoForms 3 keys

All features
No credits link
No admin validation warning
One time payment
v6 includes all the payment actions

ChronoConnectivity 1 key

ChronoConnectivity 3 keys

All features
Unlimited number of forums
Forums categories & sub forums
No Credits link at the bottom of board pages
No Admin validation warning
One time payment

ChronoForums 1 key

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