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Chronoform load form

Pierofj , February 11 2015, 09:41
Pierofj 4
February 11 2015, 09:41 #342411
hello everyone
I have 4 simple form A, B, C, D

A on submit load B
B on submit load C
C on submit load D

I see happening from the form A On submit the form B and this is ok
From form B on submit I see the form A and not the form C. and this no good
you can see on
Why does this happen ????

Thank You
GreyHead 64
February 27 2015, 17:04 #343374
Hi Pierofj,

What do you have set in the Submit event boxes of the HTML (Render Form) actions - they need to point to the next page to be loaded?

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