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access to MSSQL and update mysql

teldrive , February 10 2015, 13:40
teldrive 520
February 10 2015, 13:40 #342373
Hi guys
i have some budget to achieve this if someone can help
so far CFv5 just supports access to mySQL external database , I need to update data of joomla mysql from an external MSSQL database
currently i am using DBconvert (windows soft) buy i would like to automate it
any ideas, workaround, help?
admin 28
February 12 2015, 09:40 #342461
Hi Teldrive,

If I understand this correctly, you need to access an external MSSQL database but your Joomla database is MySQL, correct ?

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teldrive 520
February 12 2015, 10:52 #342468
Hi Max
Thanks by your reply, we are currently using an external application dbconvert from a external computer
we pursue to get access directly from Chronoform to update some records from MSSQL --> Mysql
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