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One record per page

pcheng , September 08 2014, 17:13
pcheng 41
September 08 2014, 17:13 #335813
Hello everyone.

I am not sure if this has been answered before but my search has not yielded any results.

I would like to use ChronoConnectity to display records based on a search field. This works fine but the problem is that I would like to show one record per page. This is to force someone to make a better search and avoid having people look through the whole database in a single glance.

Could you please help me achieve this?


admin 28
September 09 2014, 06:28 #335833
Hi Pericles,

But your list doesn't have a limit by default ? I mean when the search is executed, you will still receive only the maximum limit set.

But the whole page may be searched, even though you receive a limited number of rows, a solution to this problem is not currently available, but its on the todo list for the next update!

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