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Need Help with setting up Chronoformsv5 and PayPal

praymond , July 16 2014, 13:18
praymond 5
July 16 2014, 13:18 #333443
I need help finishing setting up an event registration form with PayPal. I'm not sure what additional addins I need so some help here would be appreciated. I'm happy to pay for the work but I do need it done urgently. For someone who knows what they are doing I'd expect anywhere from 2 to 6 hours.

The essential input fields are done. it needs some form code to calculate price, and configuration for payment to an existing PayPal account.

Once I confirm cost per hour I will provide more details of work required and access to site so a proper estimate of time can be established and agreed.

Hoping someone can help soon.
praymond 5
July 27 2014, 00:27 #333871
Found Neil from who helped get the PayPal sorted and GreyHead came to the rescue with form Javascript that was really cool. Thanks Neil and Greyhead.