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Passing the value of a dropdown AND amount to PayPal

cirymarr , June 13 2014
I have Chronoforms set up with integration to PayPal working fine, with the PayPal Redirect - Full version, that I purchased.
All works fine for simple forms, but I would like to add more funcitonality.

I have a training course signup form. One of the fields is a dropdown with the various courses and prices (this field id is "amount")
The "Options" I have for this are, for example
150=Training Course 1
200=Training course 2
320=Training course 3

I have a hidden field with the value "Training Course Fee" as its value, that I ppass to PayPal, along with "amount" - all works fine, but I would like to pass the actual name of the training course selected to PayPal, with the corresponding amount.

As an example, if someone were to select the second item in the list above, it would pass to PayPal, the following:

Amount field: amount
Item name field: "Training course 2"

Sorry for being long winded here, but how can I do this?
Hi cirymarr,

Please see this FAQ

ChronoForms technical support
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