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Seeking Chronoforms Developer/Mentor

Newfeld , March 06 2014, 20:45
Newfeld 4
March 06 2014, 20:45 #326028
I know RSformsPro pretty well, but I want to change a number of forms from one website to Chronoforms on another. I have just started to learn Chronoforms and find hunting around a Forum for documentation much slower than if I had an experienced Chronoforms user helping me. I am offering up to $60/hour for screen share chronoforms development/tutoring. My available hours are 9AM-10PM New York time 7-days a week.
admin 27
March 08 2014, 16:35 #326159
Hi Newfeld,

I suggest that you use v5 if you are just starting with Chronoforms!

Also please check the FAQs section, it has all the basic info you may need to start, most of it still doable on v5, after that you can check for advanced tricky stuff

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