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Custom CSS Form Implementation into ChronoForms

basplund347 , February 24 2014, 15:01
basplund347 1
February 24 2014, 15:01 #325335
A web developer I hired created a custom CSS coded form and inserted it into Wordpress for a client. Bad news is, it has never had the ability to email the results to the client and they don't know how to fix that issue. So, I installed Chronoforms because I had used it in Joomla for other projects and found it quite simple to build forms. But, I don't know if there is a simple way to "drop in" the CSS form code they already created to work with Chronoforms and have the email upon submit be run by Chronoforms. I saw that there was a CSS section. I tried just inserting the code in there, but nothing happened.

I would rebuild, but it's a pretty long form with several aspects (you can view form here - Looks great, but doesn't mean anything if it's not emailing results to the client. Any help is appreciated!! Thank you