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slashes disapear in image button

alinden , February 05 2014, 14:14
alinden 25
February 05 2014, 14:14 #323785

When I use an image button in a custom formcode, the slashes disapear from the image source.

<input name="ter" id="ter" src"/images/ter.png" value="ter" type="image" />

<input name="ter" id="ter" src" images ter.png" value="ter" type="image" />

Therefor the image isn't shown..

Kind regards, Aron.
alinden 25
February 07 2014, 09:10 #323964
GreyHead 64
February 07 2014, 09:29 #323971
Hi Aron,

If you look at the form entry in the database table with PHPMyAdmin are the slashes there or not? That would establish when they are being lost.

ChronoForms doesn't do anything clever with these as far as I am aware and I haven't seen this problem reported before so my guess is that is has something to do with the PHP or MySQL settings on your server.

Just a thought, please check to see if Magic Quotes are set on in your PHP configuration.

ChronoForms technical support
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alinden 25
February 07 2014, 10:06 #323982
Thanks Bob,

I feel stupid, but I see what i did wrong... I forgot the equal, after src..

Sorry, Aron.