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PayPal redirect amount is not the same sa the firm amount.

chriseagleson , January 01 2014
I have created a for that has custom HTML code as well as js. The js calculates the amount by using a $ variable...etc. For some reason the amount field is getting changed when it is redirected to pay pal. See this example below:

Data Array:

[option] => com_chronoforms
[chronoform] => Place_Ad
[event] => submit
[Itemid] =>
[description] => Pickens Progress Want Ad Submission
[f_name] => Chris
[l_name] => Eagleson
[phone] => (678) 386-8852
[address] => 160 Redfield Way
[address_2] =>
[city] => Jasper
[state] => GA
[zipcode] => 30143
[email] => [email][/email]
[category] => 460 Lost & Found
[ad_text] => Keep Georgia Beautiful, Home Depot, The Davey Tree Company and WXIA 11-Alive want to “chip” in and help you get your house back in order after the Christmas holidays. We have made at least one household decision free, easy and eco-friendly during this holiday season.
[w_count] => 46
[amount] => 11.20
[qty] => 3
[submit_x] => 89
[submit_y] => 14
[f4a8562ad2e872931f4cdf451d1b2ab4] => 1

Paypal Redirect information:

Validation Errors:

Debug Data.

When this is sent to PayPal I get:
Your order summary

Pickens Progress Want Ad SubmissionPickens Progress Want Ad Submission$99.00
Item price: $33.00
Quantity: 3

Item total $99.00

Total $99.00 USD

I have no idea why this is happening. I get 3 different prices. Any ideas?


I purchased the PayPal Actions Ultimate. Anyone know how to validate this sale? It is not in the drop box of products.
That did the trick. Thanks