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Animal inventory

brononius , July 05 2013
I was asked to create a kind of inventory for an animal shelter.

Before they had an old MS Access database, that nobody today knows how it's build. Only 1 person was capable of inputting data (since it was her computer, her 'database'...).

So they wanted some new, easy to use, flexible...
People working here are all volunteers, so the use must be as easy as possible.
Each time new people, no real IT background ...
And of course, not everybody is allowed to put in data, see the reports.

Afterwards, they want to publish the numbers/totals in their magazine towards members.
And once a year, they need to publish the numbers to the goverment (in order to get financial support).

Since we're talking about 3000 animals a year, it would be nicer if 'everybody' can do the job.

The idea?
Put in animals will following properties:
    [*] Date of coming in (fe 2013-02-02)[/*]
    [*] Animal (fe parrot)[/*]
    [*] Type of Animal (fe bird)[/*]
    [*] Why it came in (stuck in powerlines)[/*]
    [*] When did it leave (fe 2013-05-06)[/*]
    [*] How did it leave (back to nature)[/*]

So i went all the way on it.
I wanted to create:
    [*] A very easy input sheet for 'normal users' without margin for errors[/*]
    [*] A very easy lookup sheet[/*]
    [*] A rapport based on totals vs dates[/*]
    [*] A sheet to edit the values ('administrators')[/*]
    [*] A form to put in extra animals/reasons/results ('administrators')[/*]

And all this was 'very' (now at least) easy to do with chronoforms/chronoconnectivity...

Some printshots:

Input Animals
Administrators can put in new animals (text boxes) and select the animal type (drop downs)

Input data into the inventory
Users can put in animals, by selecting the animal/reason/result (drop downs), putting in dates (mootools).

[u][b]Rapport based on dates
A form gives you the possibility to select 2 dates, and based on these dates, following report is being created

With Joomla/chronoform, it was real nice to build something like this.

Maybe it's an idea to have a kind of 'demo' part on the chronoegine site of user material?
Where we can export our forms to?
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Hi brononius,

Very nice, well done :-)

ChronoForms technical support
If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much