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Change the Value of Hidden Field

mitchgraves , June 19 2013
I'm using the V4 RC3.0 ChronoForm plugin and the component states 4.0 RC3.4.1.
My Joomla Version is 2.5.9

I have a form that has a radio button for Membership_Type. The default value is "Single". The second choice is "Family" if the user clicks on the Family option, I would like the Amount (hidden field) of the membership fee to change from a single membership fee 85.00 (default value) to a Family fee 125.00.

This value needs to change so that it reflects the changed amount in the thank you message.

Any help would be appreciated.
Hi mitchgraves,

This is posted in the ChronoComments forum but appears to be a ChronoForms question so I will move the thread.

You can do this fairly easily with a few lines of custom JavaScript in your form to display the amount to the user and/or with custom PHP after the form s submitted.

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