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Form Save failed

anthraxus , May 07 2013
I've recently upgraded my joomla install from 1.5.20 to 2.5.11. Now I'm trying to rebuild the chronocontact forms that I had setup on that old install in Chronocontact V4. The install of the component seems to have gone fine but I'm having two frustrating issues:

1) No matter what I do on any of the tabs in creating a new form, I get a "Save Failed!" error, with no further information. max_input_vars is not defined and suhoshin is not in use. No errors are dropped to the php error log, and no further information is shown on any tab. This renders the entire component useless since I can't create anything in it.

I noted that in joomla 1.5 Chronocontact uses 4 tables (chrono)contact, chrono_contact_elements, chrono_contact_emails, and chrono_contact_plugins), but the V4 install only shows 2 tables (chronoengine_extensions and chronoengine_forms). Did some part of the component install fail during the db setup, while still returning a successful install message to the Extension Installer? Is there anyway to directly port the data in the old tables to the new one?

2) Possibly related to the first issue, if I add a text box field in the Designer table after I get a "Save Failed!" message, after I edit it, it becomes a textarea instead of a text box. This only occurs after I try and fail to save the form. In addition, after a failed save anything that was defined on the Designer table is gone. It should be noted that the element shows as a textbox after the initial Add New Field action, but all the default values after the edit dialog comes up are for a textarea.

Running with System Debug or Maximum debug messages does not show any output. This behavior is constant in both Chrome and Firefox.
Nevermind. I install Chronoforms and will just use that instead.
Hi anthraxus,

Sorry for not responding sooner, you may contact me through the "Contact us" page and I can check the issue myself!

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