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Question dependant on answer

jpbeenen , November 14 2012, 10:46
jpbeenen 1
November 14 2012, 10:46 #302614

I have been searching for about 10 mins now. I must be using the wrong search words.

But is there a tutorial somewere for questions appearing dependant on previous answers.

I want them to choose between contact via e-mail of phone. Depending on the radio button answer I want different questions to appear. Since I requere different info.

I am using 4 thank you :-)


GreyHead 64
November 18 2012, 16:23 #302813
Hi Jaspert,

I have some examples working form CFv4 but I don't have a full tutorial written yet. What exactly do you need to do?

ChronoForms technical support
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leobq 1
January 16 2013, 15:04 #305239
Hi, I append my question to this post as is the same. And as you ask for an example I will give it to you. (Chronoforms v4 and joomla 2.5)
I have a form I would like to show diferent questions depending on the compiler choice.

Looking at specific areas we can have "urban area" or "agricultural area". For urban area there are 6 questions and for agricultural area 8. (I can organize the choices as you like: flag,radio,combo.. If You would like to give me an advice is welcome!)

i.e. choosing building (this is the maximum complexity of the form)

  • industrial
  • commercial
  • other
  • --> text box:[

  • or even a structure like this:

  • option a
  • option b
  • option b1
    ____[]option b2

    Well, only to say that after those parts, at the end of the form there will be other parts, I would like to insert the request for uploading multiple image files, and the Submit button.

    As solution, at a first look I thought to add a link to a section of the same page in the HTML code and show all the questions, but may be there's a better solution.

    Well I don't know if Multi_page plugin can help I didn't understand looking at other posts

    Thank You very much for reply!