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HELP: multifield form

aki76 , October 30 2012
I need a "little" help. I searched throu the web but I didn't find anything.

I must build a form to collect subscription to an event (i.e: a Marathon). In this form, the single user can subscribe himself inserting name, surname, gender, town, year of birth (and there is no problem for this case) but a team can subscribe once the form. In this case, I can insert the team name, town, but I must insert 1, 4, 10... name, surname, gender and year: one for each person (and I can't know how many they will be!).
I thought to have a single row (name, surname, gendere, year) and a [+] botton, clicking on it another row will be created automatically.
At the end, I have to save data on db, one row for each person.

Can anyone tell me if Chronoforms can do this?
The version is 4.0 RC3.5.1 on J 2.5.

Thank you!
Kind regards
Hi aki76,

Please look at this post and the other posts in that thread. Is this doing what you want?

ChronoForms technical support
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Wow! An answer from the guru of Chronoforms!
Thank you, it's exactly what I was seraching for! Now I try to build it myself with your code and to insert data in table... if I have problems I'll ask you

Thank you very much
Here I am

I take the script, but I have a js error (null is null or is not an object - mootools-core.js line 294).

The line of your script that generate the error is


Have you any suggestions? :?
Hi aki76,

Do you have a div with the id='add_here' in your form? If you do then probably div is undefined for some reason.

Please post a link to the form so I can take a quick look.

ChronoForms technical support
If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much
:shock: no I had not!
Now I added it and seems work... thank you!
Hi! I put in stand by this work but now I'm working again at this project...
I did the form, it works.

Now I'm trying to save the data, and I did'nt find tutorials or helps... debug result is:

Data Array: 
[chronoform] => frmName
[event] => submit
[format] => html
[Itemid] => 129
[option] => com_content
[view] => article
[id] => 14
[groupname] => aaa
[surname] => aaa
[name] => aaa
[year] => 1976
[phone] => 111
[email] => aa@aa.aa
[gender] => M
[town] => mytown
[surname1] => bbb
[name1] => bbb
[year1] => 1977
[phone1] => 222
[email1] =>
[gender1] => F
[town1] => anotherTown

Fields from "groupname" to "town" are correctly saved on the table I did for this form. Now I want to save the fields from "surname1" to "town1" too (and, if I add 5 rows to the form, the 5 rows too) in a new db row. The field "groupname" is the same for every row.
I think I must use Model ID on DB Save but I can't find a tutorial that can help me in this :-(

Someone (GreyHead? ) can tell me where can I search?
Thanks a lot!
Hi aki76,

There was another thread about this recently. You can't do this using the DB Save action. The simplest answer is to hand-code the MySQL query to save multiple records to the same table and add that to a Custom Code action.

ChronoForms technical support
If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much
Hi GreyHead,
thank you!

While I was waiting for an answer I tried to modify the db_save.php file... and I succeded in! I know it's very deprecated and not recommended to modify core files 'cause they will be overwrite in case of updates... but now I can take this code and put it into a custom code as you say.

Thank you very much!
After about 1 year (because of requested updates to the form I built with the precious help of GreyHead 8) ) I need another help.
I use this code to create - in loadJS - a select field:
label = new Element('label', {
For: 'myfield' + m_count,
text: 'Register? '

lep = new Element('select', {
name: 'reg' + m_count,
id: 'reg' + m_count,
Class: "validate['required']"
lep.options[0]=new Option(" ", "");
lep.options[1]=new Option("No, thanks", "0");
lep.options[2]=new Option("+ € 1,00 - Base Registration", "1");
lep.options[3]=new Option("+ € 3,00 = 1 year!", "3");
lep.options[4]=new Option("+ € 6,00 = 2 years!", "6");

I wish to have 1 optgroup, to replicate this:
<select name="reg" id="reg">
<option value=""></option>
<option value="0">No, thanks</option>
<optgroup label="Yes, please!">
<option value="1">Base Registration</option>
<option value="3">+ € 3,00 = 1 year</option>
<option value="6">+ € 6,00 = 2 years</option>

I can't succeeded in insert optgroup... anyone can help me please?