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Help for Chronoconnectivity and sql searc

billobon , August 28 2012
I would like to implement, on my website, an advanced search that allow visitors to searc apartments by sq meters, area, price...

I know there are a lot of real estate components, but i'd prefer something easier and more customizable with my website.

So, when someone does this researc, results must appear in a table that shows these records:

Id-----area------short description-----sq.M, and even if they can choose a range of price, i don't want that this field is visible....

Every id, is linked to another page that shows all the details...this page is made by me, (is an article created by me, linked to the id field).

At the moment, i don't use dynamic datas...the research is done by a rollover map that show the table of each area (every new apartment is inserted in a new row, with its link).

Can someone help me? Is it possible to do this? Of course I could pay for your help.

Thank you,

Hi billobon,

You can probably do this with ChronoForms using a form to build the search combined with the DB Multi-Record Loader action to display a list. If the data is in a single database table this will be quite straight-forward.

ChronoForms technical support
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