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events option

raivis , July 19 2012, 16:38
raivis 40
July 19 2012, 16:38 #296991
Hi Guys!

I suggest to add one more option to form's elements General options (where are Class, ID, Name etc fields).
And that would be for "events handlers". Something that is already available on Custom Datepicker - Extra options extension.

This would allow to add events like e.g.onblur, onchange, onsubmit etc... events to the element in order to allow JavaScript to do different actions when respective event is called within the element.

Maybe this could be just empty text field option that simply adds respective info into the element tag.

So far I just add the events manually into the form code but then I can not use wizard anymore..

Let me know if you have any questions

andypooz 34
July 19 2012, 21:25 #297003
I like it. I always get to the stage that I have to switch from wizard to custom with the form code (never to return). I don't think the wizard will ever give us everything power users need, but this would be a nice addition
GreyHead 64
July 20 2012, 07:53 #297156
Hi Raivis,

I'd disagree with this suggestion. It's better practice (and easier) to keep JavaScript out of the HTML and set the events directly in the JavaScript using e.g. $('input_id').addEvent('click', function() { . . .

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