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ChronoForms 2.3.9 for J1.0.x & 2.5 RC3.1 for J1.5

GreyHead , April 22 2008

Max has released new versions of ChronoForms for both Joomla releases. As far as I know these are now 'in sync' and have the same functionality.

The changelist compares to 2.3.9
  1. Validation lists can now include spaces e.g. 'fieldname1, fieldname2' now works.
  2. OnSubmit PlugIns optionally now run before the results email so results from them can be used in the email.
  3. The OnSubmit before email code now runs if email is not set to ON.
  4. Plugins now run in a configurable order (I don't fully understand this yet).
  5. Upload Fileperms bug fixed.
  6. Admin now supports menu linking to stored data.
  7. Plugin loader now only looks for file suffixed with .php
  8. When you copy a form the new name has the date/time appended to avoid duplicate names.
  9. New form tables include a 'uid' - unique id - field by default.
  10. Validation field input box lengths are now configurable
  11. Code blocks now run in a configurable order.
  12. Joomla & CB Registration PlugIns now supports 'extra code' before and after plugin code runs.
  13. Bugfix in MooValidation.js for validate-selection & validate-on-required.
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