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ChronoForms v4 RC3.0

GreyHead , December 28 2011
Max released a new version 4 RC3.0 of the Extension, plug-in and module for both Joomla! 1.5 and Joomla! 1.6/1.7

Please upgrade if you are using any earlier ChronoForms v4 release as there are bug-fixes in the release. You can upgrade ChronoForms v4 by installing the new release over the existing one.


Note: a full list of Forms actions is here

Changes in CFv4 RC 3.0
These are in the order that I found them by doing a file comparison with RC 2.0; not in order of importance.
  • Updated URL code throughout to fix some URL problems

  • Autocomplete action: allow column selection in the query

  • Auto Serverside Validation action: bug fixes and new 'empty' validation (mainly for use with spam control).

  • Captcha actions: removed encoded image support for IE 5, 6 & 7 (bug fix).

  • CSV Export [GH]: new CSV Export action - also available from Form Manager

  • DB Multi Record Loader action: Added 'single record' and 'JOIN type' options.

  • DB Record Loader action: Added #curly replacer' to WHERE box to allow use of form variables in the query

  • Dynamic Drop-down action: new action

  • Email action: fix bug with debug not showing for more than one email action; changes to handling of array names

  • File Downloader action: new action

  • Image resizeaction: new action (from CFv3)

  • Joomla! Plug-ins action: new action

  • Joomla! User Registration action: added Community Builder (CB) support

  • Multi-language action: extended replacer to all actions; updated help.

  • ReCaptcha action: fixed possible bug with multiple ReCaptchas on the same page.

  • Security Question action: new action

  • Show HTML action: bug-fixes and improvements

  • Upload Files action: added 'Safe filenames' option

  • Captcha element: name input is disabled (bug-fix)

  • Security question element: new element

  • Textarea element: added Wysiwyg editor option

  • Submit button element: added options for Back and Reset buttons

  • Added action installer

  • Various code changes to handle different Joomla! versions

  • Fixed Squeezebox bug to allow cursor movement in Wizard input boxes

  • Small changes to CSS, scripts and internal data checking

  • Added check for valid column names in Create table

  • Added 'app' support in Forms Manager

  • Various bug-fixes and code tweaks

  • Other changes I didn't find or didn't understand . . .
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