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Simple Form not emailing

craigs , January 25 2008, 03:54
craigs 13
January 25 2008, 03:54 #5175
Hey, working on my first actual production form but it will not email the results and am getting frustrated.
Here is a backup of the form...
[file name=SMBContact.cfbak size=2751][/file]

I've turned debug on and everything looks fine and I've also checked everything on this page


craigs 13
January 25 2008, 04:02 #5176
also, I just imported the checkincheckout sample form and it worked great but I'm not seeing any major differences.
GreyHead 64
January 25 2008, 07:44 #5190
Hi craigs,

The form works fine for me, sends an email OK. The only change I made was to put my own email address in the Email address(es) box.

Perhaps the email in the Reply To field isn't accepted by the ISP for the site?

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