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How to let users save and restore form data

solidandshade , January 21 2008, 20:09
solidandshade 1
January 21 2008, 20:09 #5072

How can I allow users to save form data and then recall it later? The saved data would be linked to the user's ID, allowing users to take breaks from filling in very long forms and come back to them later. Does the ChronoForm system make any provisions for this? Thanks.
GreyHead 64
January 21 2008, 20:19 #5073
Hi solidandshade,

There's nothing specific in ChronoForms to support this but it is possible.

If it's just one form per user (so the user id is a unique id) then you could write a form that looked in the database for any existing data and wrote this as values in the form. You could write the results back to to a new record (which means that you'd need to pull up the most recent version), or you could hack the ChronoForms Autogenerated code to write back to the same record (using UPDATE WHERE instead of INSERT).

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