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Change component path

payotte , January 21 2008, 03:49
payotte 30
January 21 2008, 03:49 #5064

Is there a way to have a chronoform reside outside of the joomla folder?
The reason for this is that I have forms for many domain addons under a main domain (which has joomla in it), and I'd like the path for those forms be relative to those addon domains, instead of calling for a complete url.

My current structure is this: is here)/components/com_chronocontact/

Currently, calls for forms in must go to, which adds DNS resolving delays. If it can't be done, maybe a php.ini or shorcut could work?


Pierre<br><br>Post edited by: payotte, at: 2008/01/20 22:50
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GreyHead 64
January 21 2008, 05:27 #5065
Hi Pierre,

I have absolutely no idea. I'd guess that you can't if only because ChronoForms calls a lot of code in from Joomla so you'd have the same kind of result.

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