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ChronoForms 2.3.7

GreyHead , January 07 2008

Max released ChronoForms 2.3.7 today. Changes include the option to use MooTools for Validation and a language file in the admin area.

Change list:
    [*]Admin language file created allowing for transated versions in the future.[/*][*]Option to use the Mootools library for validation instead of Prototype.[/*][*]Validation tab field lengths now 500 instead of 100.[/*][*]Minor bug fixes to set initial field values and prevent PHP Notices when security levels are high.[/*][*]Uploaded file suffixes are no longer case sensitive.[/*][*]Additional check on data display added [/*][*]Set default values for form parameters.[/*]

The files to upgrade are available for download. For any version *after* CF2.0 you can FTP these files to overwrite the existing ChronoForms folders on your site (or rename the old folders first if you prefer). To upgrade from 2.0 you also need to add an extra field to the ChronoForms table in the database.


1. The files in this package are identical to those in the installer but they are in the correct folder structure to FTP to your site.

2. In some cases you may need to open and resave your forms after upgrading to remove some error messages on viewing the files.<br><br>Post edited by: GreyHead, at: 2008/01/08 11:34
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