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ChronoForms v 2.3.6 released

GreyHead , November 18 2007

On 11 November, Max released v 2.3.5 of ChronoForms. Here's the list of changes that I've found so far.
    [*]Changed paths in excelwriter package to use 'dirname(__FILE__)'. This resolves some potential path problems.[/*][*]Added 'Apply' button to admin toolbar.[/*][*]Added 'Backup to CVS' option to admin toolbar.[/*][*]Added option to create a personalised Record ID for entries saved to the database.[/*][*]Bugfixes to imageverification admin (changed $imagever_ok checks).[/*][*]Changed name matching in admin database display.[/*]

Note: There is an upgrade to v2.3.6 for Joomla 1.0.x attached to this post. This will upgrade any version from 2.1 before that there are database changes that need to be made. To upgrade:
    [*]Back-up your site and data!!![/*][*]Unzip the upgrade file and identify the two com_chronocontact folders.[/*][*]Rename your existing com_chronocontact folders (one in components and the other in adminstrator/components) to com_chronocontact_old.[/*][*]FTP up the upgrade folders to the correct locations.[/*][*]Check that ChronoForms is working correctly.[/*]
Do not overwrite files in this upgrade as some file locations have changed!! [file size=166550][/file]

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