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Open textfield with radiobutton

The King , November 10 2007, 02:09
The King 15
November 10 2007, 02:09 #3560

How can I open a textfield using a button with two options?
For exemple the options private or company.
When you selectd 'company' a new textfield (company name) should apear.

Thanks.<br><br>Post edited by: The King, at: 2007/11/09 21:13
GreyHead 64
November 10 2007, 18:18 #3571
Hi The King,

I'm sure that you can do this with some JavaScript. You could Google around to find a code snippet or you could use one of the existing libraries: Joomla 1.5 has MooTools built in I think; ChronoForms Validation loads the Prototype library and the Scriptaculous effects library.

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