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Table Fields? Can I add to the Backend?

malloy0 , November 06 2007, 00:11
malloy0 15
November 06 2007, 00:11 #3458

Love Chronoforms! THANKS!!

Since I am new, am guessing that when I created the table for my new form I did it incorrectly.


I do not see all of the fields that I wish to see on the backend Chrono Forms - Stored Data Manager. Only the Record ID, date-time.

But on an eariler form I created (actually someone smarter than me) in the Chrono Forms - Stored Data Manager screen, I see exactly what I wish to see.

Can you help me with ADDING fields to show now that I've created a "table" (the one on the top in the attached PJG) and it is populated with data?

See the attached image file. The top screen shot is NO GOOD. The bottom screen shot is better.



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admin 29
November 06 2007, 04:09 #3467

No images are attached!!
If your main question got answered then please mark the answer using the button!
Did you try the new ChronoForms7 ? if yes then please send us your comments!!