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Form to MySql / Record ID

Chameleon2 , November 02 2007, 01:25
Chameleon2 5
November 02 2007, 01:25 #3294

Is there a possability to change the Record ID??? There are a lot of Informations which are saved (should saved) in my database and i have no overview over the informations!

What I want is that the Record ID is not Record 1 peculiar the content from one of my fields.

Hopefully somebody can help me!

Cheers Chameleon<br><br>Post edited by: Chameleon2, at: 2007/11/01 21:26
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GreyHead 64
November 02 2007, 01:49 #3302
Hi Chameleon2,

You can change the record ID but it would mean quite a lot of changes in the code to follow through.

Please can you say more about what you want to do and perhaps there is another solution?

ChronoForms technical support
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Chameleon2 5
November 02 2007, 02:22 #3307
Hi! So what I wanna do is that people are saving there Contact details in my Database.
When I have for example 100 Contact details then is there no possability to get an overview over the registered people.

What I think is that the Name of the registered Person should be the Record ID!

Whe you need more informations then pleas let me know.
admin 28
November 02 2007, 16:07 #3317
Hi Chameleon,

You can use the "dataview fields" tab to add more columns to the records screen, and you can add hidden field at your code to contain the username of the current user


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