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Says email was sent in debug mode, but no

jma6517 , November 01 2007, 05:55
jma6517 4
November 01 2007, 05:55 #3248
Any help would be greatly appreciated....

I set up my form and in debug mode it says that the form sent, but it really didn't. The info was collected in the database, but was never emailed. What setting should the mail tab be on in Joomla? Is there something that I am missing?

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admin 28
November 01 2007, 07:32 #3257

Do u use SMTP or phpmailer ?
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jma6517 4
November 01 2007, 22:57 #3290
Either. Which should I be using?
jma6517 4
November 01 2007, 23:11 #3291
I just checked all of the mail options and the only one that says that the email has been sent is the sendmail option.
jma6517 4
November 01 2007, 23:59 #3292
I figured it out! I had to use the SMTP server option and place all of my email server info in.

Thanks for your help.