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Anti-spam check before form (2-part form)

magli , October 31 2007, 16:53
magli 8
October 31 2007, 16:53 #3236
Hi all,

the current anti-spam captcha needs the entire form to be sent to the server, before an anti-spam check can be performed. This can be a problem if the form is used to submit file(s) as the time it takes them to upload to the server could be considerable. If a user has to wait forever for his files to upload, only to find out that he screwed up the captcha, I am sure it would be irritating.

Ideally, the captcha check is made without having to submit the whole form. This could mean either:

1. - Using some sort of AJAX method: user enters what he sees in the captcha, ajax method checks with the server. If correct the form is submitted, otherwise captcha is reset.

2. - Making the form in two steps: User presented with a captcha. If valid code is entered he is redirected to the form page.

Option 2 could be done easily with the current chronoengine version: simply by creating two forms: one simply consisting of a captcha which then re-directs to the main form. However, I am not sure that this will work in preventing spamming-scripts reaching the second form. In theory, it should as the link to the second form is never made public, unless a user has passed the captcha test. Any thoughts on this?

I am thinking about implementing option 1.. if I have time. If I do, I will post my hack to that it could potentially be included in the next version.

Is there otherwise another option which I am not thinking of?

admin 27
October 31 2007, 19:44 #3241
Hi magli,

Option #1 is very fine and I see it implemented at some sites like facebook for example, but a simple js error at any user's website will make the ajax not working!!

I will think more about #2 but some users may not like this!


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