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Best way to display a report AND add to database?

sinemac , October 30 2007, 04:15
sinemac 52
October 30 2007, 04:15 #3199
I've used ChronoForms to create a form that collects some assessment data. Upon submit, I'd like the data to be added to the database AND have a report based on that data displayed. I'm not sure the best way to do this.

Currently, I have the php code for creating and displaying the report in an external php file that I call in an article using using the rdaddphp plugin. It works great - the data is passed to the script and the report is displayed just how I want it - BUT to get it to work, I set it to go to the script "on submit", so the data isn't saved to the database.

It seems to me there could be a few ways to go:
    [*]keep the external script as "on submit" and put code in the script to add the data to the database[/*]
    [*]change the external script to be a "redirect" after submit, and add code to pull the just submitted data from the database (I already tried it without, but it seems the $_POST variables are lost by the time the redirect happens, as the report comes out empty[/*]
    [*]some other way?
    [list][*]is there code that could do it in the "before sending email" area?[/*]
    [*]or the after sending email section?[/*]
    [*]or the javascript section?

In addition to not know which way would be best, I'm not sure how to go about doing any of them, as I don't know javascript, or how to access the database after submission, and be sure it gets the correct record.



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sinemac 52
October 30 2007, 04:20 #3200
It occurs to me it might be easier to follow with an example:
admin 28
October 31 2007, 00:34 #3231
Hi sinemac,

I agree, form data will need to be resubmitted someway, please google for fsockopen or curl, those are the methods I know which can help resubmitting the data to another URL, I wish you will do it


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sinemac 52
October 31 2007, 00:53 #3233
Thanks, Max. I'll see what I can discover, and will report back.