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validate form field susing javascript

waves , April 24 2007, 01:06
waves 1
April 24 2007, 01:06 #296

I have a contact form in which I want to make a few fields required and check that email is in correct format. I would like to use
to check the fields.

I can copy this in chronofrms without the script tags, but how do I make sure that the form processes the script.

Would appreciate a step by step of what needs to go in each field in form configuration.

Thi sis how the form HTML is setup

<tr><td><b>Last Name:</b></td><td>
<input name="lname" size="40" type="text">

<tr><td><b>First Name:</b></td><td>
<input name="fname" size="40" type="text">

<input name="email" size="40" type="text">

<input name="phone" size="40" type="text">