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How to send emails to ticketing system

ccondo , October 16 2007, 06:17
ccondo 42
October 16 2007, 06:17 #2824
We need our Chrono form to send an email to our ticketing system as the usder who filed the form out. IE: If [email][/email] fills out a form we need a copy from to be CCd: to [email][/email]

Any help is appreciated!
GreyHead 64
October 16 2007, 13:22 #2830
Hi ccondo,

If this is the only e-mail that you want sent that you should be able to do it like this
    [*]on the General tab put [email]'[/email]' in the 'CC Email' box [/*][*]on the Special fields tab put the name of the 'from email' field in your form e.g. 'email' in the 'Email field' box.[/*]

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