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What does this mean?

ksorman , October 11 2007, 10:28
ksorman 23
October 11 2007, 10:28 #2738
I have ChronoForm on one of my sites, and it works great - however, when I looked at the page tonight I see this message at the top.

I am running this on a Joomla web site.

Notice: Undefined variable: imver in /home/ on line 147

What does this mean?

Any help greatly appreciated....
GreyHead 64
October 11 2007, 16:00 #2740
Hi ksorman,

This means two things:

First, that Max has an undefined variable in the code, though this is pretty harmless.

Second, that you have a very high level of error reporting set on your site as this is a warning message that doesn't normally show up.

You can fix the first by putting $imver = ""; early in the function showform() in chronocontact.php (it needs to be before the line "if ( trim($paramsvalues->imagever) == 'Yes' ) {" which is line 80 in my version but you have different line numbers.

You can probably fix the second by setting Error Reporting to 'System Default' on your site Global Configuration | Server tab.

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