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time-picker bug when changing date format

marald , November 14 2011, 10:37
marald 10
November 14 2011, 10:37 #116648
When using several fields in a form including date pickers (without time) and timepicker(time only) all worked fine. Till I changed the date format to be in the standard dutch order (format: 'd M Y H:i'); When I used this, the time picker will add the current date to the output, so instead of 14:10 it will now read 14-11-2011 14:10. Is there a way to change the format only for the date fields, and not the time picker only fields? I tried format 'd M Y' only as well, but this didn't work.

Another question,
I've changed the text "select a time" in the datepicker.js is there a way to do this using the chronoforms component as well?
GreyHead 64
November 14 2011, 10:48 #116651
Hi marald,

I think that you probably need to use the Custom DatePicker action and assign different classes to the inputs to prevent this happening.

ChronoForms technical support
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marald 10
November 14 2011, 11:12 #116654
Hi Bob,

thank you for your fast reply, where can I find the custom datepicker action?
I searched on the forums and found somehting about an utilities group, but can't seem to find it in chronoforms. I use the v4 RC2 on j1.7.2.

Thanks in advance

sorry, didn't look hard enough. I found it, trying to test it now..
marald 10
November 14 2011, 11:24 #116655
This did the trick

Works really well, and easy to set up.
Thank you very much!

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