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Validation help

rob_hawthorn , October 09 2007, 21:21
rob_hawthorn 34
October 09 2007, 21:21 #2675
I'm having trouble with validation, I have input my Javascript from the "Form Code" tab

And for the final step now trying to input validation on the "Validation" tab

Trouble is that I have about 8-10 "required fields" (not blank) and there seems to be limit on the amount of characters you can input.

Any suggestions apart from shortening all the input names?

GreyHead 64
October 09 2007, 23:57 #2678
Hi Rob,

Try extending the field length. In admin.chronocontact.html.php look for
<input type="text" name="params[val_required]" id="params[val_required]" class="inputbox" size="50" maxlength="100" value="<?php echo $paramsvalues->val_required; ?>">
(or something similar) and increase maxlength.

I don't know how big you can go but probably more than 100.

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