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What does chronoforms do?

dmwalk , October 09 2007, 08:25
dmwalk 5
October 09 2007, 08:25 #2657
I've used chronoforms on a website for my forms and it worked great. However, lately I've been wondering what chronoforms actually does? I took my form and validation script and simply pasted it into my Joomla article and it worked fine without chronoforms installed at all. Is chronoforms simply a way to get around WYSIWYG editors mangling the code? Is my experience an exception? Why not just paste the code directly into the html of the article without using chronoforms? Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I'm confused.
admin 28
October 09 2007, 10:25 #2659
Hi dmwalk,

yes you can add form code to the html of teh article but the editor may clean this code, however the chronoforms goal is far away beyond this, you have some special tool for using too many advanced features to customize the action upon your form submit, you have 2 features right now which are sending emails and storing records, for both of them you can control too many parameters, you can use your own PHP code to do whatever needed task, in the near future you will see how ChronoForms will expand to do many more tasks out of the box


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dmwalk 5
October 09 2007, 19:49 #2671
OK, I understand now. Chronoforms basically takes care of creating the server-side action script for processing your form data if you don't have it coded. Thanks for clearing that up for me.
GreyHead 64
October 10 2007, 00:01 #2679
Hi dmwalk,

Yes, that's pretty much it. There's nothing in ChronoForms that you couldn't code for yourself - just like there's nothing in Joomla that you couldn't code from scratch. What ChronoForms does is to simplify form and data handling in Joomla. It's particularly useful if you have forms that you want to use inmore than one place.

The main thing that ChronoForms doesn't do is to create or help creat the basic form or validation code for you.

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