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Hushmail for secure forms...

Glenn , April 11 2007, 06:33
Glenn 1
April 11 2007, 06:33 #264
I'm trying to use ChronoForms to send a secure forms to a hushmail account. Not sure if it is possible.

Hushmail gives you code to place in the form to secure it.

Here is a sample of instructions from hushmail

In your existing HTML document, you will have a <FORM> tag that will look similar to the following:


Replace this <FORM> tag with the HTML in the box below

Now here is the text they generate to replace the above:

var hushRecipient = [email]'[/email]';
var hushExitPage = '';
<FORM METHOD=POST ACTION='#' onSubmit='return hushSubmit(this, hushRecipient);'>

I first want to know if this is possible in Chronoform to get to work. Then I need to know where to place the required code from hushmail in the correct fields within Chrono. Does anyone have any ideas? Id htis works it would be a great feature...
admin 28
April 18 2007, 05:20 #282
Its possible, you will use the form tag attachement field to add the extra fields at the form tag, and the action field to put the '#'

then insert ur html and/or javascript and done


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