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How to add data to a table

ssardam , October 04 2007, 19:23
ssardam 6
October 04 2007, 19:23 #2607

I am a new Chrono Form user. I have a form that collects data without issue, that part works great. My question is, how can I call that same record from the table associated to my form back up on my website to add data?
GreyHead 64
October 04 2007, 20:18 #2611
Hi ssardam,

There's no 'automatic' way to do this - though I expect that Max will add it in the future. You'd need to write a little custom piece of PHP to look up the form entry in the database and rewrite it to the form.

Can you be a bit more specific about how you want to recall and change it?

ChronoForms technical support
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ssardam 6
October 04 2007, 22:51 #2613
Thanks for the reply. What we are looking to do is have the ability to recall a record from the table, add additional data and close it. Something very simple would work ok. So, through our site, initiate a search for a record within the table through one of the required fields filled out in the original entry.

I appreciate your assistance.
admin 29
October 04 2007, 23:24 #2615
Hi Sean,

This can be achieved with another form however some custom PHP code will need to be written, we are working on adding new features always and this feature is in our to do list however we are working now to get the J1.5 version as too many users already waiting it for sometime now


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