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ChronoForms v4 RC2.0

GreyHead , August 30 2011, 08:39
GreyHead 64
August 30 2011, 08:39 #75778
ChronoForms v4 RC3.0 is now released with fixes for many of these bugs. Please upgrade!

Max released a new version 4 RC2.0 of the Extension, plug-in and module for both Joomla! 1.5 and Joomla! 1.6/1.7


Changes in RC 2.0
These are in the order that I found them by doing a file comparison with RC 1.9; not in order of importance.
[list=a][*]Many minor fixes and clean-ups in the code. [/*]
[*]Added 'Trial' to the names of the Payment actions that required paid upgrades for use on a production site.[/*]
[*]Added 'held' status for action and changed some paramtere settings[/*]
[*]Added Autocomplete Loader and Autocomplete Processor actions - these allow you enable Ajax completion of form inputs.[/*]
[*]Added Auto JavaScript Validation action - this appears to allow you to set validatiosn with a list of input names (like the tab in ChronoForms v3)[/*]
[*]Updated the ReCaptcha actons to use the new Google API URLs[/*]
[*]Updated the Custom Datepicker action to allow PHP in the code box. Also appears to have new code to handle the loading of JavaScript files.[/*]
[*]Updated the Multi DB Record loader action with pagination and Data displayer code.[/*]
[*]Updated the DB Record Loader to handle array results[/*]
[*]Updated the Debugger action to show the submitted form data by default[/*]
[*]Updated the Email action to add missing Dynamic CC & BCC inputs[/*]
[*]Added Auto Email template Generator (similar to CFv3)[/*]
[*]Added Email encryption[/*]
[*]Added HTTP Request action - allows the form data to be submitted to two different URLs.[/*]
[*]Added option to the Load Captcha action to allow the image to be encoded and loaded with the form HTML. (I think this should prevent some problems with web host security settings blocking the image URL or file type.)[/*]
[*]Updated the Load JavaScript action to allow scripts to be converted into files for better management of the loading order.[/*]
[*]Added Meta Tagger action to allow setting of page Meta Tags[/*]
[*]Updated Show HTML action to improve URL and script handling[/*]
[*]Updated Create Table to replace '-' in input names with '_'.[/*]
[*]Added Turkish to validation language options[/*]
[*]Moved the 'Tight layout' setting from the Form General Tab to the Wizard Form Settings tab[/*]
[*]Added Admin Actions tab to the main forms. Allows you to enter list of Form events to be listed in the index and data view pages (I'm not sure what this means).[/*]
[*]Added Ghost values - these set default values for use if the form input is not completed (resolves problems with un-checked checkboxes and radio buttons).[/*]
[*]Updated Republish code to handle multiple values and ghost values.[/*]
[*]. . . maybe other things I haven't spotted . . .[/*][/list:o]
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