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New application of the Italian Community (documents manager)

vales , August 08 2010
I created this program to help the Italian government to publish their administrative acts on the web. This is required by a new law since 01/01/2011.

The application Albo Pretorio On Line V3 beta 6 (documents manager) was created with the help of the Italian community of joomla. This discussion into forum,92012.0.html

The application form consists of 18 forms and 11 connectivity. Were created on two sides, private side and public side. This is the link of the demo Here download

To enter the private side must be logged in with username guest and password quests.

The application is entirely self installing, it automatically creates forms and connections (this was a great job). You should only make the link in the menu and configure the application in private side.

It works with some files and chronoforms chronoconnectivity modified for W3C validation. Here the link to download

Chronoconnectivity was amended for the management of the query field WHERE multitable. Here the link to download The new component is independent and will have the name chronoconnectivity2.
Here is a Google translation of the notes on the download page for the modified version of CC.
This is a modified version of the extension Chronoconnectivity V2 RC3 Chronoengine to allow the management of multi-table query.

Substantive changes were made ​​to the file in the original version is in this position components / com_chronoconnectivity / libraries / connection.php . The changes are as follows.

198 line has been commented and replaced by the following where you removed the reference to the single connection configuration shown in Table

/ / $ Query = "SELECT * FROM". $ MyConnection-> connectionrow-> tablenames;
$ query = "SELECT * FROM";

Line 214 has been inserted in the variable $ total global statement, which represents the number of records found by the query. This will have the variable $ total fields in the connection header, footer and body avoiding to insert new code for calculating the record that is already done by the component.

global $ mainframe, $ total; {/} codecitation

Line 229 was replaced by the following commentary and where you removed the reference to the single connection configuration shown in Table

/ / $ Database-> setQuery ("SELECT count (*) FROM". $ MyConnection-> connectionrow-> tablenames. "." Trim ($ WHERE));
$ database-> setQuery ("SELECT count (*) FROM" ".." trim ($ WHERE));

Other changes concern the amendment of all references to chronconnectivity that have been replaced with chronoconnectivity2 in all files of the original extension in order to give full autonomy in the new joomla.

These changes will now be able to enter in the SQL WHERE clause conditions of not only where but the inclusion of all the tables you want in the query definition. Virtually everything that is normally in the query FROM onwards. This is evident if we look at the changed rows. Practically can now be placed not only WHERE but any command is necessary to define the query. So the field name WHERE SQL connection must be understood in this new meaning.
ChronoForms technical support
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thank you.

I made these changes in my connection.php (made a backup of the original), but when I am going to de CC admin panel and go to the WHERE SQL box, what do I have to fill in there?

Now I get the error (with a empty WHERE SQL box):
You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'ORDER BY day ASC, arr ASC, section ASC LIMIT 0,25' at line 1 SQL=SELECT * FROM ORDER BY day ASC, arr ASC, section ASC LIMIT 0,25