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Forms Manager missing

petergeens , August 04 2010
I moved my site from my development server to the live server and imported the whole database into the live server.

Path settings and database settings in Joomla config are changed
Database passwords are changed also

The front-end on the live server seems to work fine, forms showing correctly, mails are sent, ...

But in the admin area, when I click chronoforms or forms managment, i got a blank page. All the other menu items are working.

I read about increasing memory in php.ini but this didn't work.

Could it be it has somthing to do with permissions ?

Please help me because it's driving me nuts. :-)


Hi Peter,

It could be some PHP in the Form HTML (though I think not); or corrupted file; or a JavaScript conflict with something else in the admin; or something I haven’t thought of :-(

ChronoForms technical support
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