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Grab jCal Pro Date and Time into ChronoForm's Form

soamz , June 01 2010, 17:16
soamz 51
June 01 2010, 17:16 #52018
We are using jCalPro for one of our client, who is a lawyer and needs a Time Slot Booking Calendar stuff.

You can see it here,

We make the events on jCalPro and just include the chronoform via the chronoform's plugin syntax.

We need a way, so that the DATE OF EVENT AND TIME OF THE EVENT is pulled to Chronoform's 2 fields, DATE AND TIME.

Is there a way to do that ?
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Is ChronoConnectivity a solution or some custom php or sql query to do that ?

Let me know..
GreyHead 64
June 02 2010, 10:32 #52064
Hi soamz,

The JCalPro URL probably has the info you need.
extid=8997 . . . &date=2010-06-04
The date is self-evident and the extid appears to be unique to the appointment slot so you can probably use that to get the info you need.

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