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Useful contact form for directory actions..

ssnobben , March 14 2007, 14:52
ssnobben 10
March 14 2007, 14:52 #181

I wonder if its possible to make a general contact form for every entry you have in a listed directory like Mosets Tree/Ads Manager with this system... see below.

Basically what I want to do with this form is to be put up within a site for different listed profiles/user ids that are into different categories of the site.


1 A end user surfing into the directory to find some information from a listed profile that have put an ad/info at your site.

2. The end user find a listed profile and would like to have contact/more info from that listed profile.

3. The end user fills in the contact form with some obligatory fields that is located at the listed profiles area within your site.

4. He send the request and then generate one or more emails? One going to the listed profile prefered e-mail(s) address with an url to a copy of the contact data at his area at the site (hidden) and the other goes to the site owner and also to be stored in the database for that listed profile. Best with and integration to an e-mail- and statistics database that you have in integration with this action. Like Letterman or Postman or other Joomla component...

Could this be possible and how do you do this?

Any tips or help appreciated!

admin 29
March 16 2007, 02:12 #186
Possible yes, easy NO, you are talking about somekind of component, but easy idea, you CAN use chronoforms in this, the advantage is that you will write your PHP logic and wont care about any files arranged and other things regarding the component creation, ur idea is easy to be implemented too, but you really need some good experience with PHP to do this.

good luck,B)
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ssnobben 10
March 16 2007, 14:10 #190