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Comments not showing up !

dax , July 30 2009, 16:13
dax 15
July 30 2009, 16:13 #38145
I have a licensed Chronocomment on my site and I am having big problem with comments not showing up on NEXT page. By that, what i mean is i have set 10 comments per page, so when 11th comment is posted it goes to next page. However, the comments are not showing up on site. (I can see and edit them in the back end through but nothing on web) When I click next (i can see page numbers and NEXT), it just wait and wait. This is a serious problem as the main purpose of chronocomments is to show comments and its not doing it. Please do something ASAP.
site url:
problem pages are many, I mention few here
Expecting a quick reply and thanks in advance.
dax 15
August 05 2009, 07:34 #38428
Any solution ?