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trevor4370 , February 20 2007, 10:00
trevor4370 2
February 20 2007, 10:00 #134
I have a form for entry into a Pentath_run (5 seperate runs). The details of the enterent, race details and cost details are entered into the form. On Submit a PHP script prints details as well as valadation (ERROR messages on missed fields). Each error meaasge has a GO BACK link (Javascript) so the details can be changed or re-entered.

On testing before it was in Joomla ( the GO BACK all info was still in the form ready to be changed, but with ChronoForms (and this my not be an issue with chronoforms) the form is Reset and all is blank. So the Enterent has to enter all the info again, and it is a very long form.

The form is not emailed, the details are printed, signed and mailed in with payment.

Have you any ideas how the GO BACK script can work without losing the info .... or help me understand why this happens - as you can see, I am only new to all of this PHP scripting, fun though.

Forms and script attached [file size=7630][/file]

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admin 29
February 22 2007, 21:10 #139

The form is submitting to another php check page, you can go over thsi 2 ways :

#1 - you write a new javascript code to check fields before submit and so you dont need the 2nd form at all.
#2 - you make 2 chronoforms, #1 will have the current html code of teh form, #2 will have the PHP code of this file : form_process.php which checks the values on the server.

now at your form #1 action URL field put the URL for the #2 form , something like index.php?option=com_chronocontact&chronoformname=form2

this way when form #1 submits it sends data to form2 which already has the PHP check code and everything should work well then


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