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Omitt empty fields in Emails (in Version 3.0)

Hann2 , January 23 2009, 11:05
Hann2 2
January 23 2009, 11:05 #21821
Is there a way to omitt fields (checkboxes) that have not been checked in the Email I receive?

I have about 35 checkboxes and would like to only display those the user has actually clicked on.

Until now I receive a message that looks like this:

Checkbox Content clicked, {check_2}, {check_3}, {check_4},Checkbox Content clicked ....

In an older version it was possible to omitt empty fields, is there a nice way of doing this now in Version 3.0 Stable?

thanks for any help
GreyHead 64
January 23 2009, 12:01 #21822
Hi Hann,

Please see the example in this post where I try to explain how to sort this out.

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