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One record at a time!

kitecom , November 21 2008, 11:14
kitecom 5
November 21 2008, 11:14 #17737
First off - blown away by the functionality that CF and CC brings to Joomla - you guys really do deserve all the good stuff that's already been said on this forum (and elsewhere)

Anyway, here's what I'm trying to do:

I've created an application form using CF - so far it works great. What I want to do is use CC to pull data from the table (eg "jos_app_forms") and display one set of results (or one record) per page with the submitted form info.

The goal is to add a link to the form email which will take the recipient back to a page on the site which will display a list of nicely formatted records of the form results.

Ideally the page would be a list of the "form_surnames" from the table and when you click on a surname it would open the nicely formatted set of results for that record.

Does that make sense? Effectively what I'm after is to have CC create a "Category List Layout" based on the app_form table which resembles Joomla's own list layout...

Is this a doable?

Thanks in advance
admin 28
November 21 2008, 11:32 #17741
Thanks Kitecom, please see how Andres did this at his first post here:

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Did you try the new ChronoForms7 ? if yes then please send us your comments!!