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Front-end data listing/edit form data/rank data

aafisk , November 17 2008, 13:03
aafisk 3
November 17 2008, 13:03 #17286
I'm yet another joomla newbie who has discovered chronoform/connectivity. Great extensions! Solve so many of my problems! But also create some questions

But first, you Max and Bob have my deepest admiration for your customer service! I've read more than 40 threads and I am awed by your "bedside manner". I work with customer support and please know that you even before I submitt this post have taught me volumes, and I'm not talking about chronoproducts now! You've manage to set and maintain as standard a clean and non-bickering/non-assault "tone" throughout the forum that should make you proud! congratulation!

So, to my questions

(1) I have managed to get a listing of submitted form data in back-end using connectivity. It looks great! Also the front-end header and footer information (set for the connection) is displayed correctly along with the pagination drop-down (number of rows per page). However, the data list is not loaded in front-end. Since everything worked so smoothly in back-end I thought I was finished but apparently I make some mistakes.

Name of SQL data table is jos_chronoforms_fisktest and columns relevant for listing on user pages are: cf_id,Namn,Intro,textarea
In connection management - General tab the WHERE SQL and BODY fields are both empty.

Why doesn't the same form data list appear in front-end as is displayed in back-end? Please advice.

(2) I need to be able to edit submitted data at least in back-end but preferably also in front-end. I have read many of the posts and code suggestions related to this topic but all attempts to apply in my environment has failed. I'm not familiar with coding so maybe I'm in over my head.... but what should I enter in connection management fields?

(3) The form shall be used to let front-end users donate health tips&tricks and of-course read back what previous users has submitted. I also would like the submitted data to be available for ranking by passing users, like an article in joomla. How can I make this possible?
GreyHead 64
November 17 2008, 14:20 #17288
Hi aafisk,

Many thanks for the appreciation - much appreciated!

I'll let Max reply to your questions, I'm still a newbie in ChronoConnectivity and he wrote it so knows it inside out.

ChronoForms technical support
If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much
aafisk 3
November 17 2008, 15:37 #17291
Hi Bob

np, I'll wait!

aafisk 3
November 17 2008, 18:03 #17306
Questions (2) and (3) in orginal post still "active" but please ignore question (1) above. Got it working using

admin 29
November 17 2008, 20:52 #17313
Hi Fisken,

#2- you need to edit a record, so at your code you got for #1, add {edit_record} anywhere, now go to the "frontend permissions" tab in the connection and add the "frontend edit template code" which will be loaded for the record editing, example :

<input name="Name" type="text">
<input name="Intro" type="text">
<textarea name="textarea"></textarea>

pay attention I got the fields names from your code, now add the necessary permissions for who should be able to edit the records and save!

#3- the first part is achieved by viewing the table records already, no ? the 2nd part is something I'm planning to add in the coming release, a support for integration with ChronoComments and a some voting extension or even a new ChronoVotes or whatever so you can vote per record!