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I need see a structurate mail

serie3 , July 12 2007, 23:27
serie3 8
July 12 2007, 23:27 #1143
I need send e-mail with the information of a form, and I would like that shows of this form.

Name: tal name: tal name: tal


It is possible?


Excuse my english, I'm Spanish.
GreyHead 64
July 13 2007, 00:40 #1149
Hi serie3,

Please see this post which shows how to create a basic form.

This will give you a table layout like this:

Field name 1: value 1
Field name 2: value 2
Field name 3: value 3

If you want a more complex layout then you can create an html template for your form.

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cd001 2
July 13 2007, 09:13 #1162

I'm not sure where to go....

I need an email that goes out to a client that looks like an invoice based on the form they fill out online.

I've had that working from a Perl script. It sends an email to the client something like the following:

2. Shipment Information :
Shipment Origin
Address %_ShipOriginAddress_%

(It doesn't come up properly here...)

The bit %_ShipOriginAddress_% is read from the table and the value is inserted.

Is there a corresponding marker that will fill out that field value from the form a client submits?

Hope I'm being clear.

ChronoForms is really great. Beats the heck out of recreating the forms, lemme tell ya.

GreyHead 64
July 13 2007, 14:21 #1172
Hi cd001,

The simple answer is to use a template. Put the code you want in the 'Form Code | Email template' field. You can insert code from the form with field names in curly brackets like {ShipOriginAddress}

You use the 'General | Email field' field to put the customer's email address into the email.

If these are invoices then you will probably want to create a database table and save the information for future reference too.

ChronoForms technical support
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