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specific users

Got2010ggd , October 13 2008, 01:43
Got2010ggd 2
October 13 2008, 01:43 #15049
I made a report using the tutorial and it is bringing everything up that is is the database. Is there any place to get the code to have the report just pick the items of the user that is loged in?
admin 28
October 13 2008, 12:02 #15062
Hi, if your table has a column called "useid" for example which has the user id set for this record then you can write this :

WHERE userid='<?php $user = JFactory::getUser(); echo $user->id; ?>'

in the WHERE SQL box.


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Got2010ggd 2
October 13 2008, 17:54 #15097
Thanks worked great!